Höhenrausch 2016

Höhenrausch 2016

Following the “Mystery of the Birds”, Höhenrausch 2016 is devoted to a related theme, the protagonists of which are also to be found in the heights, but also far beyond at the same time: angels.

The exhibition leads first through a collection of everyday angels – arranged as confusingly and kaleidoscopically as we encounter them every day in the here and now: as adorable celestial residents in car ads, as dapper garden figures or in esoteric magazines and announcements. Following this burst of reality, an elaborate path frees our minds for new and entirely different angel images: the still familiar and yet already surprising theme of biblical angels is extensively covered in the Ursuline Church, anchored like a joint in the exhibition path at the beginning and at the end.

The attics and roof tops are again part of the exhibition. The voestalpine open space turns into a space of mirrors. A botanical angels’ garden grows on the parking deck.

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21 May—16 October 2016, open daily from 10.00 to 20.30

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Plan des Höhenrausch 2016 über den Dächern von Linz.